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Chapter 6. London. Tiger territory.

I arrived to London late night. Seeing him on my way out of the taxi woke up vibrating energy inside of me. I found myself in his bedroom very soon. We both were feeling very hot (not sure because of weather or emotions). Complete darkness was romantically interacted by soft light of a few candles carefully put around the room. We could not stop kissing and my lion had thrown me on the bed showing his power, dominance and strong affection. His body had a smell of desire. I had to surrender and lose control over my head for a moment: those fluids were driving me crazy.

I was on my shark week, but we were missing each other to strong to care about details these small.

I was laying on my back when he had got on top of me. He lifted my left leg up and rolled the right one around his hips and ….he was in. My breath speeded up and my eyes were so wide: I was looking at him in favorite position; I was feeling him so big. I moved my butt back and forward in symphony with my best friend. The pressure of the situation forced my breasts up and down creating a wave and I could not keep my excitement inside any more: I screamed. I covered my mouth with my right hand and enjoyed the warmth of his body, scratching his ass and back. His will was on its pick, I felt it….I asked him to come……and he did, I closed my eyes in the thrill of great joy.

Morning coffee and a bit of cuddling put me into a perfect mood and I entered the museum of Victoria&Albert on South Keningston with a huge smile on my face. The special exhibition about the history of Italian fashion opened my curiosity box, delayed my exit by 4 hours and made me study the history of British fashion even more precise. My turn home facing two baskets of roses was a grand finale of the day.

Fashion, flowers, loving man and home cooked spaghetti bolognese. How could it be more perfect?

But the darkness of night prepared a different end for my day….. –Red, how do you feel about our relationship? ….and than he employed all the rational parts of his mind having a practical „adult” approach to „us”. Who came up with this practical approach to relationships at all?

My father says, where is a strong feeling there are no constrains.


There are plenty of good jobs around the world, but there are not so many good men.


In a panic I tried to answer all stated problems….He was reluctant to agree…..and very soon I understood that there was one solution for all problems, should we stop seeing each other. Next morning drama and crazy delicate sex put us right where we were before into happy mood of two who finally found the best fit, secretly in love with each other.

– Wow, my lion, where are you flying in 6 weeks?
– I may go to NY.
– Are you sure this airline flies to NY?
– Yes, of course…

No they do not. Instead they fly to Ibiza. He lied. I like to face problems, running away from them and lying is not really my thing. In my opinion when people start to lie to each other it means that their relationships are already dead, they just have not noticed yet, and it will definitely come sooner or later.