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Chapter 2. Turin

–       Sex gel is my new friend.

–       It was great. Are you sleepy?

–       Do you mean horny? A bit…

–       Me too. Wanna come fly with me? I’ll take you to the stars!

–       Laying in my bed so lonely… wanna come lay on me? I’ll show you a star… A porno star!

Yes, he was leaving back to London. And I did not feel disturbed, just tired and pleased, trying to recap everything what happened in those 4 days of sexual abuse, oh sorry, madness.

Everything good in Italy starts with vine… everything great starts with vine on the rooftop of La Rinascente with an incredible view of Duomo in Milan.

I saw him from far, a mix of perfect fit blue t-shirt, sunglasses and Rose in his glass, looking nervous and excited at the same moment. Well I was getting ready for this meeting since 7 in the morning: long shower, all kind of creams applied to all possible parts of the body (how do people even come up with all this means of care?) and this time special attention to my hair – I know he likes  this crazy red besom on my head. Short green dress and a finished bottle did their job perfectly, we entered my appartment, I pushed him on the 30 years old couch and jumped on top of him spreading my legs as wide as possible, who would not do that? He commanded to kiss him, I did, and here we go, my best friend is up!  Just a moment and I realized  that I was laying on my back all red (this is because of vine) and wet (maybe because he destroyed my almost invisible panties with a speed of light).

I grabed my barely packed suitcase and we left my dirty apartment  in Milan in favor of Turin and futher „adventures”. His cousin picked us up and took for a family barbeque party in his house.

Yeah, this is when  you come to understand  why Italins call houses Palazzo – this was a real palace with a swimming pool and columns and uncountable number of bottles, alcohol bottles.

Here the party starts, welcome to barbeque Italian style – all women are in the pushups and highheels  I lost a count of glasses of prossecco very fast not foreseeing that we did not even move to vines, than rum, than whiskey….are you sure you want to do this? Yes my lion. Ready to go! It is May  in Italy, North of Italy, tempreture  in the evenings vary between 18-22 degrees above zero, but as you can imagine water was not as warm as we would like it to be. Hmmm, if the water think it can stop us from swimming it is mistaken. Generaly speaking I think all the beautiful people just have to walk around in the swimming suits all the time. His beautifuly shaped body looks incredibly hot coated in water droping  slowly from his chest I start to get these nasty fantasies over my head, but shhhh! There are at least 15 cousins around. Party goes on, cousins wives jump into the pool all dressed, my mind is blurry from cigar and techno music on the background not to mention my overly excited niples pointing out night sky. Party moved into the kitchen and I used this moment to sneak my Mr Big into the room, he wanted to say goodnight to his family ….but my pants off made him change his mind very fast!

…she moans deeply, slowly, intensely, then as I go deeper, her moans become more passionate, more intense…she turns her head, her eyes roll back, leaving only the white of her eyes visible.
Pure ecstasy.
Two hours of sex, cold shower and dawn.

Chapter 1. Madrid

Looking at this picture kept smile on my face through the whole morning. Yes, this is a picture of a hill, more likely even mountain raising out of his underwear with an attached text:

“Oh I seem to be excited this morning”

Good strategy, boy! Light tickles run all over my pleasure point, again. Well, finally it was a day, when we planed to meet in Madrid for a “sex weekend” thing. Let me explain you: in general meaning of sex weekend is quite suggestive, but just to clarify, it is 3 days of drunk and careless sightseeing.

In pursuit of happiness I did finally leave beautiful Valencia, where I came a day earlier to relax on the beach.

I have never been to Madrid before and obviously, as every self-confident woman I had no doubt in my attractiveness, but just to make sure I put on Miss Dior, Jimmy Choo and the shortest dress in my wardrobe. Who goes to a new city without a pair of high heels?

I met him in the lobby of a 5-star hotel right in the city center with such an incredible view as it is possible in Madrid. What should I say, good habits. We walked into the room: lots of mirrors, colorful lights, big window and a glassdoor to the bathroom – perfect environment for crazy sex.

But shhhhh, we were sophisticated business people not the silly animals ripping their clothes immediately, yet.

This was the awkward moment of me jumping on the bed, like a little girl smiling to him. What was next? We started our alcohol romance.

There was unspoken agreement between us to bring a bottle of vine to the room, so we could start drinking as soon as possible.

After a bottle, he started to take his clothe off. Stop! He was just changing for a dinner, without any intention to show me an ideal 6-pack and constantly hard, since we met in the lobby, “best friend” of mine. It got itchy… I realized my breast was getting higher and those crazy nipples could not calm down picking at him! Time to leave for a dinner.

No! I would not let him out of the room just like this. I was horny and I had to do something with it. I had no sex for 2 weeks! I sat on the chair, pretended tired and drunk (last I did not pretend). He came closer, just a moment and I pulled him into me. Yes, perfect height, just on a “head” level. My “best friend” was even more excited, I unzipped pans (it does not come easy when they are so tight), pushed my hand in and my tongue slightly touched the very end…